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Home >> Technical Articles >>Giuliani enters HMC market with F2F launch
Giuliani enters HMC market with F2F launch
Time: 2009-02-24
The F2F is a horizontal double-spindle machining centre designed to double productivity while maintaining flexibility.
It provides two independent spindles, each with three CNC axes.
HSK 63 spindles feature up to 16,000 rev/min, torque of 260Nm and 40kW of power.
Each spindle has an arm-type automatic tool-changer that holds up to 120 tools per spindle (240 total tool positions) and an automatic pallet change-over system.
High power and thermo-stabilised rigidity make the F2F ideal for the machining of steel or cast-iron while the high speeds and accelerations minimise idle times so parts made of brass or light alloys are produced with speed and efficiency.
The F2F is suitable for any small to medium-size component made from any ferrous or non-ferrous material at low, medium or high volume production levels.
Each axis movement is obtained using pre-tensile re-circulating ball-screws.
The ball-screws and motor plate on each axis are also cooled internally to assure the highest of accuracy.
The F2F features axis speeds up to 90m/min and accelerations up to 1.5G.
The pallets are up to 500 x 500mm with a maximum height of 900mm and maximum weight of 700kg.
The machine can be equipped with a hydraulic locking device to lock the fixture from the top.
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