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HMCs get dedicated robot system
Time: 2009-03-05
The WRS robot system can be retrofitted to an individual machine to provide maximum production versatility, including operating as a lights-out cell.
While pallet automation aims to decouple the operator from the machining cycle and increase up-time, robot-based automation solutions additionally enable direct workpiece handling.
Launched in the UK at Mach 2008, the H Series has been designed to provide optimised production, including the easy integration of automation solutions.
The WRS automation system is designed to deliver process flexibility, minimum machine idle time and a reduced manpower requirement.
The system is complementary to the existing Heller automation packages, providing automated loading via trolleys.
Two or four place buffer places are incorporated within the system.
Instead of handling pallet and fixtures outside of the machine, the workpiece alone can be placed into the fixture on the pallet changer.
With the compact footprint of the system, it still provides high storage capacity.
Workpiece input pallets are 400 x 600mm with a height up to 1100mm.
It will accept workpieces up to 15kg.
Due to exchangeable grippers, the system can accommodate workpieces of all shapes and dimensions.
It is effective where auxiliary processes, such as cleaning, deburring, coating and assembly and measurement, are integrated into the work flow.
Other robot systems available from Heller include the FS conveyor system, the WPS paternoster system, and the WSS drawer system.
Pallet-based automation systems include pallet magazines, offered in standard, extended and flexible variants according to the individual application.
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