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Home >> Technical Articles >>SNK offers Niigata HN80D for quick machining
SNK offers Niigata HN80D for quick machining
Time: 2009-04-15
The high-powered, ruggedly built Niigata HN80D Horizontal Machining Center from SNK America machines medium to large parts in a range of materials.
Featuring traverse rates of 1,181in/min and feed rates of 592in/min on heavy-duty box ways, the HN80D quickly machines parts.
Full 50HP cuts are achieved through an advanced-range geared headstock.
With only three rotating components, maximum power is transmitted to the cutting tool.
Large-diameter ball screws, coupled directly to powerful AC digital servo motors, provide high-thrust drilling and allow utilisation of the latest tool technologies.
HN80D spindles are said to be rigid and rapid.
A large spindle diameter and a single-piece snout-type head design ensures heavier milling capability and greater accuracy, as compared to traditional bolt-together-type spindle-head designs.
Other features contributing to the sturdy construction of the HN80D include heavy-duty box ways with hand-scraped mating members, massive columns and bed-type (triangular rib structure) construction.
The bed-type design provides full support over the entire X-axis travel, eliminating the possibility of overhang weakness.
The Y-axis double-guide system results in enhanced stability and ensures maximum rigidity and improved contouring capabilities.
Further contributing to the precise performance of the HN80D is the incorporation of a spindle chiller unit.
The chiller unit removes excess heat from the spindle and bearing housing.
Oil temperature is controlled by a sensor in the machine base that adjusts the lubricating oil temperature relative to the machine's thermal characteristics.
This feature is intended to reduce thermal displacement of the spindle and provide consistent accuracy during machining.
In addition, the standalone ATC of the HN80D does not transfer vibration or compromise precision to the spindle during tool selection.
For reliability purposes, the spindle bearings of the HN80D are constantly lubricated using an oil-injection system.
This not only maximises bearing life but also minimises preventative maintenance downtime.
Other design features of the HN80D include an automatic rotary-type pallet changer, Fanuc CNC control, a variety of built-in diagnostic features and accessible service points.
SNK offers a complete line of Niigata HN-D Series machines.
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