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Small three-axis machining centre arrives
Time: 2009-04-15
To mark its 25th anniversary, Kern Micro-und Feinwerktechnik has launched the three-axis Kern 25, available from Rainford Precision Machines.
The Kern 25 is similar to the Kern Evo that is currently available to customers.
The Kern Evo, however, is suited for industries that want to produce ultra-precise parts in medium and large batch quantities.
The Evo is available to the exact needs of the end user and is built to order.
This enables Kern to fulfil customers' specific needs by supplying a machining centre with a variety of automation capabilities with a tool magazine holding up to 95 tools and an integral workpiece changer with 20 positions or external changers with pallets up to 280 x 280mm.
The Kern 25 is built to Kern's specifications whereas the Evo is built to the needs of the end user.
This difference allows Rainford Precision Machines to offer an ultra-precise machining centre with a 2 micron dimensional and positional tolerance at a reduced cost to the end user.
For customers that may want to upgrade their machine at a later date, the Kern 25 is designed to permit retrofitting with a fourth and fifth axis table, external pallet magazine and additional options that can be added at a later stage to suit the changing demands and growth potential of the customer.
The Kern 25 has an HSK25 vector-controlled spindle with 500-50,000 rev/min speed range, a spindle-cooling system and a 32-station tool changer.
The Kern 25 has a touch probe for measuring the workpiece and laser tool measurement.
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