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High Speed Cutting Technology
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Products Name: VH-850/VH-1000 High Speed Cutting Technology
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BT40/CAT40/DIN40 spindle(dia 150mm). 100% balanced. presenting high speed and highSuited for high speed and high precision machining..
Genoa type 16 tools (optional: 20 tools / 24 tools).
Main frame is made of Meehanite castings for superior rigidity.
C3 double nut ballscrew(ø40mm), hardened & ground for high accuracy and long lasting.
Pre-tensioned on each axes to reduce heat deformation.
100% laser checked for positioning accuracy & repeating accuracy.
Ballbar checked for circular interpolation accuracy.
Positioning accuracy: +- 0.005mm / 300mm (+/- 0.0002” / ft).
Repeating accuracy: +- 0.003mm / 300mm (+/- 0.00012” / ft).
Steel telescopic way covers on 3 axes protect ways & ballscrews from dust and coolant.
Products Infomation:
High Speed Cutting Technology
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